4 years ago

i apologize

for my uttler lack of posting lately. I will say I just finished finals and tons of papers, but that’s not too much of an excuse since I still updated my normal tumblr. Though that may only serve to reveal more of the truth: my obsession with Doctor Who, in the last few months turned from a passing interest in watching random reruns to starting from Nine and now watching the new season. I do recommend Doctor Who to all of you who aren’t on board yet, if you like Andrew Lee Potts’ stuff (I know you do), especially Primeval. I can’t lie, dear followers, I prefer the Who.

I’m going to the beach this week, but I promise plenty (but not dashboard-cluttering) updates when I return. No job yet and about to watch Ideal!

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4 years ago
blah blah blah announcement

some notes

o1. The site wasn’t working earlier today, nor was my regular tumblr, which I have now discovered was due to the themes. They were different but from the same person, and I know that some of her other themes are still working. So I don’t know what happened. It’ll probably change a lot in the next few days because I am bad at decisions and really liked that one.

o2. You can submit now! I meant to try this out earlier but never did. Leave your tumblr address as well and I will credit you if I decide to put your submission up.

o3. Also you can reply to posts! Hooray! Please do so, I would love to hear your feedback!

o4. And remember that you can ask things - regular type questions or if you want to see more (or less) of something ALP related. Or you can ask me to shut up already! The possibilities are endless.

o5. My suitemates have a British guy named Andrew staying with them this week. At first I was like fiisdjfed, then I saw him and I was like ehhh.